New Patients - Your First Experience

At Levens Family Dentistry, we strive to make every new patient feel confident and comfortable in our “Judgement Free” environment each time they visit our office. 

Expect Great Dental Care at Levens Family Dentistry

Once you have all of your paperwork filled out and you are officially a patient at Levens Family Dentistry, you can expect the highest quality family dental care. We will ensure that you are well taken care of, with access to all the services your family might need. With experienced staff, excellent service, and exceptional customer care, the team at Levens Family Dentistry is always here for you and your family.

Request an Appointment

The first step of the process is to request an appointment with Levens Family Dentistry. You can bypass the hassle of scheduling appointments in the office or over the phone, because we offer convenient scheduling with our easy to use online portal. There, you can schedule appointment dates and times that work for you, and you can provide our staff with information about your dental care needs before your visit.

New Patient Forms

Nobody likes to fill out paperwork, but once you decide to switch over to Levens Family Dentistry, the next step will be filling out new patient forms. We know how frustrating and tedious filling out forms can be on the day of your appointment, so we offer the opportunity to fill them out beforehand with our online patient forms. You can fill out your patient information form, provide your insurance information, complete your health history questionnaire, and set up your payment method.