How Crowns Protect Your Teeth

Dentist Demonstrating Tooth Crown

Dental crowns are artificial caps that completely cover damaged teeth. Dental labs construct crowns from a wide variety of materials to create a custom fit over a patient’s teeth. Levens Family Dentistry explains how crowns protect your teeth if you ever need them.

Fight Infections

Worn enamel and tooth decay expose the inside parts of your teeth to bacteria in your mouth. This can lead to inflammation and infections. Crowns fight infections by completely covering damaged teeth. They also form a barrier between germs in your mouth and the inner part of the teeth to improve your overall health.  

Reduce Wear on Other Teeth

Damaged teeth may cause pain and could force you to chew on another side of your mouth. While chewing on the other side does prevent pain on the affected tooth, always eating on the opposite side may cause twice as much wear and strain on those teeth. Crowns return your mouth to normal chewing, and you no longer have to favor one side of your mouth over another. One crown covering a damaged tooth can save other teeth from cracking and chipping due to excessive chewing.

Stop Pain

Perhaps the most noticeable thing about a damaged tooth is the pain. Worn enamel can expose nerves in your teeth to hot and cold temperatures, make it hard to chew, and cause pain in your jaw. Crowns stop the pain by covering up the nerves in the damaged tooth. A hard crown protects the inner part of the tooth and keeps pain and damage from escalating.

Support Weak Teeth

Dental crowns protect weak teeth from further damage. Your dentist might recommend a tooth covering before the damage gets worse, thereby saving more of your mouth’s natural structure. Crowns may save your teeth before needing something more serious, like a root canal or dental implants.

Help Your Bite

Crowns help improve your bite. An improved bite makes chewing easier, which reduces strain on your jaw. Less stress on your jaw muscles can keep headaches at bay and prevent a host of other complications that stem from jaw troubles. Crowns may improve your overall quality of life by letting you enjoy the foods you love without straining your jaw.

Call Levens Family Dentistry for Crowns

The caring and compassionate staff at Levens Family Dentistry can answer whatever questions you have about crowns. If you have fears of having dental work done, our employees listen to your concerns and make you as comfortable as possible. Call us today at (719) 574-1705 or request an appointment if you or your loved one needs any dental work.

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