Four Signs That You Need Cosmetic Dentistry Work

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Most people’s experience at the dentist won’t go any further than having their teeth cleaned every six months. However, there are times when you need your dentist to do a little bit more. For some, that might mean a root canal or a filling, but for others, that might mean cosmetic dentistry. Cosmetic dentistry includes services and procedures that improve the appearance of your teeth and your smile. In today’s blog, Leven’s Family Dentistry will take a look at four signs that you need cosmetic dentistry.

1. Damaged Teeth

If your teeth are damaged, it’s important to get them repaired sooner rather than later. Damaged teeth can cause serious problems for the surrounding teeth, gum tissue, and jaw. However, it can be easy to neglect chipped or cracked teeth when they don’t seem to be impacting other teeth. Cosmetic dentistry services can repair your damaged teeth and make it easy to smile again.

2. Missing Teeth

Nothing makes people more self-conscience about their smile than missing teeth. If you have a missing tooth or several missing teeth, cosmetic dentistry can help restore your smile to what it was before. Cosmetic dentists use implants, crowns, or even dentures for people with missing teeth so that they can smile with confidence.

3. Stained or Discolored Teeth

Nobody has perfectly white teeth, so to an extent, discolored teeth or stained teeth are often normal. However, there is a point where your teeth become severely stained or discolored and cannot be improved simply by improved brushing habits. Professional teeth whitening is one of the many services of cosmetic dentistry, and it can help get rid of tough stains and discolorations. These procedures deliver much better results than store-bought teeth whiteners and are a better long-term solution.

4. Uneven or Crooked Teeth

The most common cosmetic dentistry need comes from uneven or crooked teeth. Braces are one of the most common and effective cosmetic dentistry services. A cosmetic dentist can help you avoid the wires and brackets with options such as clear braces or Fastbraces.

Contact Levens Family Dentistry For Cosmetic Dentistry

If you are looking for a great cosmetic dentist, Levens Family Dentistry wants to work with you. For more information on what we have to offer, get in touch with us at (719) 574-1705 or contact us online today.

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